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Unlocked DF:LW Map Editor Rating 1.36Rating 1.36Rating 1.36
  This is the dflw editor with all events and hidden items enabled and some other stuff (on the general info, events, item atributes windows)

Below a list of the things I tested:
-general information
-No Voxels Select this if you don't want DF to render voxels, this is only useful on underground missions since DF still loads the height map
-Dialog File If you want to use a soundfile in your mission type the name (without extension) in the "Dialog File (*.dbf)" box on
the General information window
-Item Atrributes
-Blink Group tunnel parts that are linked need to have the same blink group so you can actually see the whole tunnel, not only 1 part
The entrance of the tunnel has to be the Parent (if parent is not selected,you cannot see it until you walk in it)
If you want to link 2 blink groups, select a tunnel part that is linked to a part of the 2nd blink group,
go to Item atrributes and enter the # of the second blink group in the Group B box. Do the same thing with the part from the 2nd blink group.
do this with corners and staircases.

Events are selected the normal way

some text shows up as "Bad texttool string" on the Events window
  Author: DV Email DV go to the Homepage of DV Date 28.08.2005
  Size: 110.84 kB; Estimated Download Time: 16.21 sec. with 56K
  Total downloads: 2292
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Rating Unlocked DF:LW Map Editor
  Rating: 1.36
Total Votes: 50

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